Inspirational & Motivational Speaker South Africa “The Life Attack Guy”

The Day Grey 1st Team Rugby went from Good to Greyt!

What a game- What a comeback! … [Read More...]

Sean Willard,Skip4Life, reviewing Book number two leading up to Christmas.

Nine days to Christmas and here is Book Number 2!! This one shot in Greyton, South Africa! … [Read More...]

Sean Willard,Skip4Life, reviewing Book number one leading up to Christmas.

Ten days to Christmas and here is Book Number 1!! … [Read More...]

The Skip4Life PR and Marketing ladies connect!

Today, Mags and Ann connected to chat about exciting opportunities and how Skip4Life will impact lives!! Post by Skip4Life. … [Read More...]

Kids Jumping Rope

Skip4Life – Everyone can do it!!

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Skip4Life – short Promo video by Sean Willard

Get ready to Join the Global Skip4life Movement- launching soon! In the meanwhile - JUMP over to and LIKE the page! … [Read More...]

Natural Medicine Magazine Team are Skipping 4 Life!!

Skip4Life joined Natural Medicine at their Photoshoot!

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Mika our youngest Skip4Life friend

Our youngest Skip4Life member at just 7 weeks!

Proud to announce, Michele and I haven't had another baby ( although my kids wouldn't mind at all)!! No, I am so thrilled that our youngest Skip4Life member has joined the global Movement! Mika's mom and dad heard about how we're launching an initiative to change the lives of Orphans and Vulnerable children and immediately Skipped into action!! Are you ready to join the Movement??? Skip across to our Facebook page and join the conversation. We are about to launch!!   … [Read More...]

Skip4Life Overview Video shot in Stellenbosch, South Africa

Make sure to Join the Conversation on our Facebook Page! … [Read More...]

LIV Village ~ a historic Rugby game!

I was incredibly blessed to be able to attend the first LIV cup between a local rugby side, Jonsson College Rovers and the English touring club side, Saracens. This main game was preceded by a 7 a side tournament between some well known schools like Michaelhouse, Kearsney and Glendwood.   What a day and what a amazing story LIV Village is. I would highly recommend you check it out and support this initiative - they are changing lives! We look forward to starting an exciting program to raise funds for Orphans this space! Here is a fun clip put together with some of the Orphans and pictures … [Read More...]

Be YOU tiful

Just Be YOU!!!

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Keynote address at Business Network

Living My Purpose….

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YOU….yes YOU… have a Purpose!

YOU, yes YOU are alive for a reason and a purpose....   You may not feel that right now, you may not understand all the turmoil and pain that surrounds your space but hear me.....   YOU have an amazing future and it starts right now with the decision you make to LIVE and to find the smallest, tiniest reason to give Thanks....   It's an incredible exercise and something that I practice daily because Giving Thanks will:   1. Take your eyes off of your circumstances that are getting you down. 2. Lift your spirit and allow you to be a blessing 3. Bring you to the realisation that things, … [Read More...]

Sean with Sylvia Malinowski

Sean Speaking at Cape Business Connect event at The Lord Charles

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Has your Brook dried up?

Sometimes the brook dries up........ Ever felt like you are doing EXACTLY what you are called and passionate about and yet "your brook" dries up? Ever asked the question "What am I doing wrong"? Maybe your relationships, you finances or health sucks right now and you feeling like "why, why, why"?? Well I am glad you asked!! :) It's because the next season has arrived and you would never have moved on had the brook continued to flow in your present season! Good, better, BEST !! Just saying...... Sean Willard aka "The Life Attack Guy" … [Read More...]

Sean’s Motivational Moment Video 3 – Enjoy the Journey!

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Me and my Mentor John C Maxwell doing a "Minute with Maxwell" live in Florida

Minute with Maxwell – are you getting them?

  Sean Willard with his Mentor John C Maxwell doing a "Minute with Maxwell" live in Florida!   Are you receiving John's "Minute with Maxwell" videos everyday for free? If not, click on this link and sign up now to receive a daily inspirational leadership thought! This is one vital part of your Personal Growth journey! Blessings, Sean Willard  Founder Circle John Maxwell Speaker, Coach & Trainer     … [Read More...]

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