Inspirational & Motivational Speaker South Africa “The Life Attack Guy”

Sean Interviews Orrin Woodward on ” Character”

Re-posting this call when I had the Privilege of Interviewing Leadership Guru and best selling author, Orrin Woodward on " Character" from his book Resolved. … [Read More...]

Knock, Knock – who’s there?

Knock Knock,  who is there? So often in life, we are the ones both knocking on the door and also asking the question “Who’s there?” at the very same time! It’s as if we want to progress, to grow, to spread our wings and fly into a new adventure and season of our lives, but we really aren’t sure if we are capable. We end up knocking on the door of our thought life with a tentative tap and gentle whisper that suggests we don’t really believe that we will succeed. What do we really believe? What do we actually believe when no one else is around, when the inspirational tapes and motivating voices … [Read More...]

Sean Willard – Do your due diligence

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Sean interviewing Orrin Woodward – Purpose

20-Mar_08-46 Enjoy the call!!! … [Read More...]

A short Video that could change Your Life and a Child’s life all at the same time!

It's time to Join the journey.... #M5M .... Michele and I look forward to changing lives with YOU!   … [Read More...]

The Heart to Help – M5M

We have the ability to change little lives while we are changing our own lives - why wouldn't we make that choice? Join us! Sean & Michele [] … [Read More...]

The Ultimate Question :)

Really enjoyed this video - lots of fun and great points!   … [Read More...]

The Day Grey 1st Team Rugby went from Good to Greyt!

What a game- What a comeback! … [Read More...]

Sean Willard,Skip4Life, reviewing Book number two leading up to Christmas.

Nine days to Christmas and here is Book Number 2!! This one shot in Greyton, South Africa! … [Read More...]

Sean Willard,Skip4Life, reviewing Book number one leading up to Christmas.

Ten days to Christmas and here is Book Number 1!! … [Read More...]

The Skip4Life PR and Marketing ladies connect!

Today, Mags and Ann connected to chat about exciting opportunities and how Skip4Life will impact lives!! Post by Skip4Life. … [Read More...]

Kids Jumping Rope

Skip4Life – Everyone can do it!!

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Skip4Life – short Promo video by Sean Willard

Get ready to Join the Global Skip4life Movement- launching soon! In the meanwhile - JUMP over to and LIKE the page! … [Read More...]

Natural Medicine Magazine Team are Skipping 4 Life!!

Skip4Life joined Natural Medicine at their Photoshoot!

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Mika our youngest Skip4Life friend

Our youngest Skip4Life member at just 7 weeks!

Proud to announce, Michele and I haven't had another baby ( although my kids wouldn't mind at all)!! No, I am so thrilled that our youngest Skip4Life member has joined the global Movement! Mika's mom and dad heard about how we're launching an initiative to change the lives of Orphans and Vulnerable children and immediately Skipped into action!! Are you ready to join the Movement??? Skip across to our Facebook page and join the conversation. We are about to launch!!   … [Read More...]

Skip4Life Overview Video shot in Stellenbosch, South Africa

Make sure to Join the Conversation on our Facebook Page! … [Read More...]

LIV Village ~ a historic Rugby game!

I was incredibly blessed to be able to attend the first LIV cup between a local rugby side, Jonsson College Rovers and the English touring club side, Saracens. This main game was preceded by a 7 a side tournament between some well known schools like Michaelhouse, Kearsney and Glendwood.   What a day and what a amazing story LIV Village is. I would highly recommend you check it out and support this initiative - they are changing lives! We look forward to starting an exciting program to raise funds for Orphans this space! Here is a fun clip put together with some of the Orphans and pictures … [Read More...]

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